In this tutorial, I’m going to show you Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android Unofficial Nougat 7.0.Android Nougat 7.0 has some awesome look.Here given some hidden tips and tricks.
“Samsung Galaxy S5 Nougat 7.0 Review”
1. Data Saver:It’s one of the most welcome new additions to android nougat 7.0.You can restrict your backgroung data and save your data.Here also has limited data access method for monthly.
2.Awesome Launcher:Android nougat 7.0 on Galaxy s5 ,you can find trebuchet launcher which is look like windows phone launcher.
3.Quick Settings:Nougat 7.0 on S5, you can find notification panel shortcut settings.
4.Quick reply:You find notification panel quick reply method.
5.System UI Tuner:An experimental feature that comes with its own safety warning. It provides us Android tinkerers with extra ways to tweak and customise the interface.

To enable just long-press on the Settings cog in the Quick Settings shade. A vibration will notify you if it’s worked.

You can choose to enable split-screen mode with a quick upwards swipe from the Overview button, while Power notification controls provide you with much more granular, uhh, control, over apps and how much they’re allowed to bug you. Each app can be assigned a level of importance, with the highest 5 always appearing at the top of your notification list, while others block apps from peeking, silencing sound and vibration, or hiding them altogether.
6.Hamburger menu:The so-called Hamburger menu allows you quick access back to Settings proper. It’s accessible whenever you’re in a Settings sub-menu and serves as an alternative to the back key. It might even save you a few taps as it can be used when the hamburger isn’t visible too – just swipe right in a sideways motion to reveal the full menu.
7.AudioFX:It’s an extra additional settings for control your sound quality as your choice.AudioFX one of the best app for Android Nougat 7.0 on Galaxy S5.
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